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Vacation Home Check

The Green Tree Police Department will perform FREE exterior inspections of your home as requested while you are on vacation or your home will be vacant. Once or twice a day officers will perform an exterior inspection of your home to make certain that it is safe and secure.

The information requested below must be provided so that we may contact you or a contact person in the event of an emergency or if we must get in touch with you for some other reason. If you should return from your vacation earlier than planned, please be sure to contact the Green Tree Police Department.

Information you provide will be kept confidential and will not be released or used for any other reason than its intended purpose.

Resident's Name:

Last: First:

Home Telephone Number:

Date You Will Be Leaving:

Date You Will Be Returning Home:

Address to be Checked:

Emergency Contact (local person who has key to your home):
(If there is no one locally who has key, leave blank)

Emergency Contact's Name:
Emergency Contact's Phone:

Phone Number(s) Where You Can Be Reached While Away:

Will you have any lights on a timer at your home while away?


Is there any other information you think we should have?