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What Is S.E.E.D.?

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What is S.E.E.D.?

The Society for Educational Environmental Development is the Green Tree community group that proudly maintains the Green Tree Nature Center, keeping it accessible for visitors and safe for the many types of vegetation and wildlife that call it home. S.E.E.D. documents the various types of flora and fauna within the 18 acre reserve. It offers guided tours and nature walks throughout the year to the public. The tours help show visitors the cornucopia of natural beauty here in Green Tree.

S.E.E.D. meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Green Tree Library. They welcome interested persons to attend. New members are always welcome!

You don't have to become a member to take part in S.E.E.D.'s various activities throughout the year. However, if you or your group is interested in joining S.E.E.D. or in helping preserve part of Green Tree's history and natural beauty, call the Green Tree Borough Office at (412) 921-1110 for more information.

S.E.E.D.'s History

When Green Tree Borough obtained the land for the Nature Center in the early 1970's from the school district, they formed a Steering Committee comprised of Green Tree residents to begin formulating long-range plans for the Nature Center. This was the "seed" that started S.E.E.D. Several years later an additional, adjoining 6-1/2 acres of land were purchased to expand the Nature Center. The community group worked on raising funds and maintaining the property. In May 1975, S.E.E.D., along with other community groups sponsored a "Community Day" at the Nature Center. "Community Days" were held by S.E.E.D. for several years afterwards until S.E.E.D. was disbanded in the mid-1980's and the Borough solely maintain the land.

The group was re-formed in the 1990's and has worked hard to raise the awareness of residents to the wonderful gem of a treasure they have in the Nature Center. They meet monthly to discuss the Nature Center and schedule nature walks, naturalist talks in conjunction with the library, and other activities throughout the year.

S.E.E.D. continues to work on preserving and improving the 18-1/2 acres that comprise the Green Tree Nature Center. Land connecting the Nature Center to Glencoe Avenue was recently obtained and plans are in the works to build a footbridge for easier trail accesses for hikers.

If you enjoy the outdoors and its natural beauty, consider joining S.E.E.D. and taking part in their various activities. You can enjoy the great outdoors without leaving Green Tree!

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