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Common Code Questions

  • Open Burning Guidelines and Open Burning Permit Application for Allegheny County
  • Trash receptacles must not be placed at curbside prior to 5pm on the day preceding collection.
  • The growth of grass in excess of 8” and the growth of weeds is prohibited.
  • The accumulation of garbage and junk is prohibited.
  • All vehicles must have current inspection and registration and must not be wrecked or discarded.
  • Water must not become stagnant so as to result in a health concern.
  • Parking in the yard is prohibited.
  • Fence permits and zoning code compliance is required.
  • When are permits required? Some construction requiring permits are new buildings, additions, structural alterations, fences, sheds, driveways, detached garages, decks, porch roofs, swimming pools, retaining walls, signs, and solar panels (section 144-4).