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Dye/Lateral Testing

Any person selling, conveying or transferring property located within the Borough of Green Tree shall apply for an "Evidence of Compliance" letter at least 14 days prior to the scheduled property transfer closing.  The Evidence of Compliance is a Borough requirement to ensure the property’s storm and sanitary infrastructure is compliant with Borough Code.   The evidence of compliance process requires a dye test and a video camera inspection of the property's sanitary sewer lateral.  This inspection must be completed by a plumber registered and licensed by the Allegheny County Health Department; the plumber is hired by the property owner and all expenses associated with the inspection are the responsibility of the property owner.   Additionally, there is an Evidence of Compliance application fee of $110.00 which is due at the time of application.

Every home that is connected to the Borough’s Sanitary Sewer infrastructure has a private sewer lateral; homeowners are fully responsible for the maintenance and repair of their sewer lateral.  

Evidence of Compliance - Application Process
Property owners may complete the Dye/Lateral Test & Inspection Report form located at the bottom of this page or call 412.921.1110 to request a paper copy.  Once the form is completed and submitted to the BCO, the BCO will provide a sewer map with the information the registered plumber will need to complete the required inspection.  Once the plumber completes the inspection, the Dye/Lateral Test & Inspection Report and associated inspection video footage must be submitted to the BCO at the Borough’s administrative offices located at 10 W. Manilla Avenue, Pittsburgh 15220.

Upon review of the Inspection Report and associated video, the following will occur:

  • For inspections that “Pass”, the BCO will issue the "Evidence of Compliance" letter within 48 hours, and forward to the applicant's email address or make it available for pick up at the Borough Administrative Office. 
  • For all inspections that “Fail”, the BCO will identify the corrective measures that must be completed prior to issuance of the Evidence of Compliance.  The plumber must provide video footage of the completed repairs, along with proof of inspection of the repairs by the Allegheny County Plumbing Department.  Additionally, all lateral repairs made within two feet of the connection to the public sewer system must be inspected by the Borough to ensure compliance.
  • Deferment of Evidence of Compliance
In the event of a "failed" lateral inspection and the required repairs cannot be completed by the scheduled property transfer closing date, the Seller and Buyer may execute an application for a Temporary Evidence of Compliance.  The process for securing a Temporary Evidence of Compliance requires the following steps to be completed in advance of the property transfer closing date:

    • Seller shall secure a quote from a Registered Plumber for full completion of the repairs required for compliance.
    • The Seller and buyer shall execute the Temporary Approval of Delayed Certification of a Sewer Lateral Inspection application, which shall require security in the amount of $15,000, or the cost identified in the quote provided, whichever is greater, to be placed in a Borough owned Escrow Account at the time of the property transfer closing.
    • The Application shall be in a form capable of being recorded in the Office of Recorder of Deeds.
The required repairs must be completed by the Buyer within 60 days of the property transfer closing date.  The Buyer shall be responsible for any cost coverages associated with the repair.
Please contact Administrative Office for additional information.  

All final decisions related to repair requirements will be made by the Borough.  

Refinancing does NOT require a dye/lateral test. 

Municipal Lien letters, tax certifications, and occupancy permits will not be released until the Evidence of Compliance is issued. 

Please report any buried or inaccessible manholes to the Borough Office.

Dye/Lateral Test Request