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Dye/Lateral Testing

Contact:   Todd Carter
                     Building Code Official/Code Enforcement Officer

Any person selling, conveying or transferring property located within the Borough of Green Tree shall apply for an "Evidence of Compliance" letter at least 14 days prior to the date of closing and pay the application fee of $110.  The Borough requires a dye test and a video camera inspection of the property's sanitary sewer lateral to be completed by plumber registered and licensed by the Allegheny County Health Department.  

Application Process
Complete the form below or call Todd Carter at 412.921.8029 to request a "Dye/Lateral Test & Inspection Report".  After the required information is obtained, the “Dye/Lateral Test & Inspection Report” form and a map, indicating the observation manhole, will be sent to the email provided or may be picked up at the administrative office, 10 West Manilla Avenue, Pittsburgh.  This form must be completed by a plumber registered and licensed by the Allegheny County Health Department. 

Once the plumber, so hired by the applicant, completes the appropriate section of the "Dye/Lateral Test & Inspection Report" confirming that the property has been tested and certifying the results, this completed form will need to be emailed to the Building Code Official or dropped off at the Administrative Office; and

Once payment of $110 is received; and

If there are no illegal stormwater, groundwater, or surface water connections or infiltration on the property, the Building Code Official will issue the "Evidence of Compliance" letter within 48 hours and sent to the applicant's email address; or if the dye/lateral test reveals ordinance violations, the "Evidence of Compliance" letter will not be issued until corrections are made and certified by the plumber.  

Commercial occupancy permits will only be issued after an inspection of the property.

Refinancing does NOT require a dye test. 

Municipal Lien letters, tax certifications, and occupancy permits will not be released until the dye test is complete. 

Please report any buried or inaccessible manholes to Todd Carter

Dye/Lateral Test Request