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Contact:   Todd Carter
                     Building Code Official/Code Enforcement Officer

The Green Tree Borough Building Inspection Department is responsible for enforcement of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, Fire Codes, Local Zoning Laws, Property Maintenance Codes, and various other Borough codes in hopes to maintain a safe and pleasant Borough to live and do business in.  The Department performs commercial and residential plan reviews and inspections for various projects such as new commercial buildings, additions and alterations, new residential homes, additions, alterations, decks, sheds, driveways, detached garages, fences, swimming pools, and demolitions. In performing these plan reviews and inspections both building codes and zoning codes are checked for compliance to confirm that new buildings, additions, and renovations are safe and code compliant.  Some of the building code issues checked are structure, means of egress, accessibility, fire protection, energy conservation, mechanical systems, and signage.  Electric is reviewed and inspected by private 3rd party PA UCC approved agencies while plumbing is reviewed and inspected by The Allegheny County Plumbing Department.  Occupancy permits are issued upon project completion when building and zoning permits are issued or when there is a “change of use” or new commercial occupant. The Department also administers Zoning Hearing Board hearings and Planning Commission meetings for land development and subdivisions, dye test applications, mechanical device tax collection, PA 1 Calls and street opening permits.  Some property maintenance issues enforced are high grass, dangerous trees, garbage receptacle placement, parking on the lawn, snow on sidewalks, junk and garbage accumulation, junk vehicles, light trespass, stagnant water, and vacant buildings.