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Field Rental Fees

The following information is provided for those who would like to request use of the Borough fields (listed below).  The Borough of Green Tree's Field Rental Application must be completed and submitted for use of these fields.  For use of the Aiken Soccer Field and Hale Park soccer Field, there is no charge at time, however, you will need to complete the Field Rental Application.  You can check the field calendar on the website for availability and then complete the web form below for "Field Rental Availability Request".  

Rental Fields/Facilities
  Aiken 1 Wilson Baseball
  Aiken 2  Concession Stand
  Hemlock 1 Gymnasium (see Facility Rentals)
  Hemlock 2  

Category Scheduling Field Rental Fees Concession Stand Feesii
Spring Fall
Borough Recreation Finalized by March 30th Finalized by July 30th No Charge No Charge
KOAA/Guardian Angel
Green Tree 501c3i Opens
April 1st
Opens August 1st  4, 2-hr free rentals per mnth; addt'l rentals $30/per 2-hr rental $100 per 4 hours; $25 per each addt'l hour
Non-Green Tree 501c3 2, 2-hr free rentals per mnth; addt'l rentals $75/per 2-hr rental
Resident/GT Business/GT League $30 per 2-hr rental
Non-Resident League 4, 2-hr rental - $160; addt'l rentals
$75/per 2-hr rental
Non-Resident Individual $150 per 2-hr rental
Tournaments w/Team or Individualiii 15% of Tournament Entrance Fees

  1. For this Rental Policy, a Green Tree 501c3 shall be defined as an organization that has an enrollment of at least 50% Green Tree Residents.  A roster must be provided 10 days prior to reservation date.
  2. Security deposit required.
  3. Documents required for Tournament teams will be a completed Field Rental Application, Insurance Certificate naming the Borough as an additional insured, complete list of all registered teams and tournament registration fees paid, and a copy of the official Tournament Publication.
For availability, complete the below web form or call the Administrative Office at 412.921.1110.  

Field Rental Availability Request