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Boards & Commissions

The Borough of Green Tree residents have enjoyed a long tradition of participation on our local boards, commissions, and committees.  Each board is unique in its purpose, mission, and role.  The responsibilities, powers, terms of office, membership size, and meeting schedule vary for each board, commission, and committee is listed on its corresponding page.  

The involvement of residents contributes not only to the success of the community, but also gives a voice to specific issues that may not otherwise receive attention.  The Borough Council is always searching for innovative, creative thinkers who are committed to delivering excellence and giving back to the community.  

If you would like to be a part of the long tradition of being a Green Tree Borough volunteer, get started by completing the Borough’s Volunteer Bank Application form and submitting it electronically.   Appointments are made as vacancies occur.  Refer to Volunteer Bank Procedures for more information.