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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission reviews all subdivisions and land development plans submitted by property owners, developers, and/or builders within the Borough, suggests modifications where needed, advises Borough Council on development matters under the Borough's Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision, and Land Development ordinances as well as the Comprehensive Plan, and recommends the appropriate action to Borough Council.

The Planning Commission consists of seven members approved by Council and will serve a four-year term.  Each term shall be based on the staggered pattern of membership which is already in place.

If you are interested in being considered as a member, please complete the online Volunteer Bank Application form, and submit it electronically. Refer to Volunteer Bank Procedures for more information.


2nd Wednesday of the month (Workshop Meeting)
4th Wednesday of the month (Business Meeting)
November and December - 3rd Wednesday of the Month
           (Workshop and Business meetings are combined)
Time 7:00 pm
Location Green Tree Municipal Center, Sycamore Meeting Room
10 W. Manilla Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15220

Al Erwin, Chair
Term Expires 12.31.2024
Jessica Swiech, Vice Chair
Term Expires 12.31.2025
Christine Short, Secretary
Term Expires 12.31.2024
Jeff Natale

   Term Expires 12.31.2025
Robert McWilliams
   Term Expires 12.31.2026
Jesse Robinson-Evans
   Term Expires 12.31.2025
Nicholas Weirick
   Term Expires 12.31.2024