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Code of Ordinances / Charter

The Code of the Borough of Green Tree, which has been developed over time, contains various chapters of the effective ordinances and resolutions that have been enacted by the Borough Council, including revisions or amendments to existing legislation deemed necessary by the Borough Council in the course of the codification.  These codes are logically arranged for convenient use.  The codified ordinances are updated twice a year.  When searching the codes, remember to check the “New Laws” tab for uploaded ordinances and resolutions that have been passed, but not integrated into the Code. 

The Borough of Green Tree is governed by Home Rule Charter.  The Borough’s Charter was adopted by the voters on the election held on May 6, 1974.  This Charter encourages active participation of the citizens of Green Tree in a system of government that is flexible, responsive, and representative and able to meet both present and future needs. This Charter also fosters the social, cultural, physical and economic climate essential to a healthy, progressive community where all citizens may live with security, pride and dignity.