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Military Banner Program

Military Banner

The Borough of Green Tree has always taken great pride in the men and women who have served our country in its times of need.  Now we'd like to invite you to help us honor your friends and family who have served our great country.  The Military Banner Program salutes our brave men and women who are currently serving and those who have served in the military by creating and displaying a 24" x 60" military banner to be exhibited along Gree Tree Road within the Borough between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.

This program includes:

  • One single-sided 24"x60" banner (including necessary mounting hardware) to be displayed in the Borough and installed by the Public Works Department.
  • One 12” x 30” military lawn banners to be presented to the family for personal display.
  • Presence on the Borough of Green Tree section of the troop banner website.
You may have up to two of the following Medals of Valor displayed on your banner:

Purple Heart Bronze Star
Silver Star Air Force Cross
Distinguished Service Cross Navy Cross

Please complete the Military Banner Application and payment, scan your photograph and return it to you, and place your order. Once your order is received, you will be contacted to pick up your lawn banners.  Banners are usually received within 45 days of submission. We will schedule installation for the banner to be displayed within the Borough as soon as possible after receipt.

To have you or your loved one recognized through this program, submit the following to the Borough of Green Tree:

  • Completed and signed Military Banner Application form 
  • Payment of $85 for 24” x 60” single-sided banner plus $25 for each 12” x 30” yard banner
  • A good quality military photograph or 600 dpi image file
  • Copy of Service Person’s DD-214 to verify Medals of Valor (if applicable)

Submit your application to the Administrative office or email your submission to  If your public display banner is damaged, destroyed, or weather worn, we will contact the person that submitted the application for consideration of repurchasing.