Recycling 101
Three Basic Rules
Rule 1
Recycle bottles, cans, glass, paper, and cardboard
Rule 2
Keep food and liquid out of your recycling
Rule 3
No loose plastic bags and no bagged recyclables

Plastic Bottles and Containers Recycle plastics by SHAPE:  bottles, jars, jugs, and tubs.  The "chasing arrows" symbol doesn't necessarily mean it's recyclable.
Food/Beverage Cans Recycle empty tin, aluminum and steel.  Empty aerosol cans are also recyclable.  If the can has a plastic lid, remove it before recycling.
Glass Bottles/Containers Rinse and dry
Paper Paper, newspaper, magazine.  If paper is soiled, compost it.
Cardboard and Posterboard ALL cardboard must be FLATTENED.  Pizza boxes with grease/food cannot be recycled.
NOT Accepted in Your Bin Plastic bags, no plastic wrap and film (bubble wrap, sandwich bags, and/or freezer bags), no flexible packaging (chip bags, soup pouches, juice boxes, milk cartons), cups with was or plastic coatings, polystyrene foam and plastic (to-go containers/cups).

Knowing these rules and putting them into practice will help you recycle more efficiently and will help to ensure everything that makes it into your bin finds a second life.  Please refer to for more information.